2013 Seattle Improvised Music Festival

This is the historical list from the 2013 show, from our records.  This show happened on the 7th, 8th, and 9th of February 2013.

LaDonna Smith-violin, viola, voice from Birmingham, Alabama.
I may be able to provide you with a paragraph description (how formative her early work was for many), yet I think visiting her web site is of more value….and simpler. Her cover page: “to make music from the very moment of the heart’s livingness, deriving the material from the subconscious and organizing it as a piece which would stand on its own as an entity.
I want to take the viola beyond its traditional limitations, extending its voice, combining it with my own, making it a vehicle beyond my own body for a means of communication and expression. I view my work in its broader sense as a kind of life activity. It is basically what I do with my life, and how I give to others, that means anything. I am deeply committed to the art of improvisation as artistic expression and as teacher to the soul. Through the techniques and attitudes of improvisation and listening, I “go with the flow” of life.”

Tucker Dulin-trombone.
A native South Carolinian, Brooklyn-based trombonist Tucker Dulin attended music school at the University of Southern Mississippi, New England Conservatory, and U.C. San Diego. He has recently enjoyed the privilege of performing with Andrew Lafkas, Radu Malfatti, Cat Lamb, Bryan Eubanks and Matt Marble. His days are also spent as an online radio web developer and endurance athlete.

Craig Taborn-piano.
Born in Minnesota, Craig Taborn has been performing piano and electronic music in the jazz, improvisational and creative music scenes for 20 years. Jazz Times has called him “…perhaps the most influential keyboard sideman of the past 15 years”.He has played and recorded with many lumiaries including Roscoe Mitchell, Wadada Leo Smith, Tim Berne, Steve Coleman and….
Further, he has lectured at the Guilbenkian Museum in Lisbon, New York University School for Improvisational Music, the Rhythmic Conservatory in Copenhagen and other institutions.

The festival organizers make a concerted effort to alter (broaden?) the Seattle aspect of the festival.  From Ivan Arteaga to Tari Nelson-Zagar, the local musicians bring trans/notable approaches to creative music.  Ensembles with familiarity breathe with the most unexpected.

Please contact Paul Hoskin for more information (Seattle bios), description,
philosophy and such:  pchoskin[at]peak.org

7, 8, 9 February;  8pm
Chapel Performance Space

4649 Sunnyside Avenue North  4th floor
$10-25 sliding scale

9 February;  1pm
Gallery 1412
1412 18th Avenue 
$5-15 sliding scale

8 February;  12 noon
Poncho Hall,  Cornish College of the Arts

Thursday February 7, Chapel Performance Space, 8pm

LaDonna Smith- violin, viola, voice
Amy Denio- accordion, alto saxophone, voice
Beth Fleenor- clarinet, voice
Paul Hoskin- contrabass clarinet

Tucker Dulin- trombone
Greg Powers- trombone
Stuart Dempster- trombone

Craig Taborn- piano
Ivan Arteaga- saxophone, clarinet
Paul Kikuchi- percussion
Wayne Horvitz- keyboard

Friday February 8, Poncho Hall, Cornish College, 12:00pm

Craig Taborn Master Class

Friday February 8, Chapel Performance Space, 8pm

Tucker Dulin- trombone
Gust Burns- piano
Mark Collins- bass
Jonathan Way- electronics

LaDonna Smith- violin, viola, voice

Craig Taborn- piano
Paul Hoskin- baritone saxophone
Mark Ostrowski- percussion

Saturday February 9, Gallery 1412, 1pm

duo (2 pianos):
Craig Taborn – piano
Gust Burns – piano

Saturday February 9, Chapel Performance Space, 8pm

LaDonna Smith- violin, viola, voice
Tari Nelson-Zagar- violin
Monica Schley- harp

Craig Taborn- piano
Greg Campbell- percussion

Tucker Dulin- trombone